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Free Dos Games v1.0.0.2
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  23-09-2016 22:15 23-09-2016 22:15 160  Reads 160 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
Free Dos Games v1.0.0.2There are added 9 games today to the program.
The games are:
* Dungeon Master II
* Dyna Blaster (Bomberman)
* Golden Axe
* Grand Theft Auto
* Leisure Suit Larry 1
* Lode Runner
* Microsoft Windows 1.01
* Microsoft Windows 3.11
* Nascar Racing

I hope you will like the games.
You can download it from HERE

Free Dos Games
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  20-09-2016 21:38 20-09-2016 21:38 4530  Reads 4530 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
Free Dos GamesFree Dos Games gives you the opportunity to play your favorite old dos games on your current machine without any knowledge from dos.
Free Dos Games comes standard without any game in it, Free Dos Games will download the game when you want actually play that game and then the game will stay on your pc unless you push the button in the right upper corner of the thumbnail to delete him, on this way way your computer stays clean from unwanted games on your harddisk.
You will see a list of games on the left side of Free Dos Games, when you click once on a game title Free Dos Games shows 1 thumbnail and a description of the game. When you want more you can click 'More info' to view a website with more information about the game of your choice.
When you start the Free Dos Games it will check if there is a new version available, On this way you will notice when you can play more games when you update Free Dos Games.

My CPU Viewer
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  17-09-2016 11:20 17-09-2016 11:20 2806  Reads 2806 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
My CPU ViewerMy CPU Viewer is a very simple lightweight program to see your CPU status.

You can drag and drop simply where you want it, just click on the upper corners and drag it where you want it on your screen. The program is always on front of your windows so you can easily see your status.

You can close the program by clicking once on the digits below bar.

My little zip unpacker
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  15-09-2016 19:16 15-09-2016 19:16 6979  Reads 6979 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
My little zip unpackerMy little zip unpacker is a lightweight zip unpacker.
It will unpack your zip archives easily and fast.
There are 2 things you have to do.
1. select your .zip file on your machine.
2. select the path where to unpack your files and the program will do the rest for you.

My Wallpaper Gallery 3
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  13-09-2016 22:08 13-09-2016 22:08 11165  Reads 11165 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
My Wallpaper Gallery 3My wallpaper 3 is a lightweight desktop enhancer to change your wallpaper easily.
Browse the categories and choose one, you will see directly a list of wallpapers of your choice.
When you click on a result you will see a thumbnail preview. If it looks good for you, you can add it as a wallpaper on your desktop/laptop by simply clicking on the button below.