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My Wallpaper Gallery 3
Posted by  Admin Admin Postedon  13-09-2016 22:08 13-09-2016 22:08 19992  Reads 19992 Reads  0 Comments 0 Comments
My Wallpaper Gallery 3My wallpaper 3 is a lightweight desktop enhancer to change your wallpaper easily.
Browse the categories and choose one, you will see directly a list of wallpapers of your choice.
When you click on a result you will see a thumbnail preview. I f it looks good for you, you can add it as a wallpaper on your desktop/laptop by simply clicking on the button below.

All the data comes from the server and the program will overwrite the the wallpapers and thumbs to keep your pc clean from unnecessary files.

Because all information comes from the server you have always the latest data to the newest wallpapers in the program. Only when there is a version update you have to update the core program. (There will be a message on your screen).

Download the latest version: My Wallpaper Gallery 3 v3.4.1.2

Forum threat: HERE


My Wallpaper Gallery v3.0 (Released 20-07-2015):
*Complete rewrite of My Wallpaper Gallery.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.1 (Released 13-09-2016):
* Moved all wallpapers to a different place on the server.
* Made a check for the latest version.
* Resized the preview thumb on the main window.
* Different download lacation of the program (http://www.software.friendsinwar.com).
* Add a button in the menu to the new website.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.0.0 (Released 13-10-2016):
* Getting the wallpaper list from the server.
* Starting with 2100 wallpapers in 16 categories.
* Bigger preview of the wallpaper when selecting a wallpaper.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.1.0 (Released 14-10-2016):
* Sending some data to the server for showing statics in future.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.2.0 (Released 16-10-2016):
* Added 'Auto Random Wallpaper' to the program.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.3.0 (Released 19-10-2016):
* You can select 1 categorie in 'Auto Random Wallpaper'.
* Added the facebook like and share button to each wallpaper.
* Show the number of times a wallpaper is used.
* Show the wallpaper resolution.
* Show the wallpaper filesize
* Update wallpaper usage in 'Auto Random Wallpaper'.
* Added the 'Cars' categorie.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.3.1 (Released 20-10-2016):
* Added a download button to download the wallpaper to the computer.
* Display 'Not available' when resolution information not available.
* Display 'Not available' when filesize information not available.
* Choose from a list in 'Auto Random Wallpaper' when update a wallpaper.
* Shows in 'Auto Random Wallpaper' How long it takes for a new wallpaper.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.3.2 (Released 21-10-2016):
* You can like our facebook page when you start the program.
* Progress bar on 'Auto Random Wallpaper'
* Bug fixed: Wallpaper will change when time is come.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.4.0 (Released 22-10-2016):
* Bugs fixed in 'Auto Random Wallpaper'.
* count the amount of wallpaper changes.
* Shows the the amount of wallpaper changes in the 'About' dialog.
* Deleted some .bak files from different categories.
* Shows the total amount of available wallpapers on the main progam.
* Change the layout from the 'Wallpaper Positions' dialog.
* Shows a splash image when you load the program.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.2.5.0 (Released 23-10-2016):
* New categorie layout, Now with sub-categories.
* Added holidays categorie
* Added Birthday Sub-Categorie
* Added Halloween Sub-Categorie
* Added Independence Day Sub-Categorie
* Download button can only use when a wallpaper is selected.
* Auto Random Wallpaper will select your last categorie.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.3.0.2 (Released 26-10-2016):
* You can now upload your own wallpapers with the upload button in the menu.
* You can now donate us to keep the servers running.
* Reordered the menu above in the program.
* Show the name of the uploader in the wallpaper info window.
* Show the rating of a wallpaper in the wallpaper info window.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.3.1.0 (Released 29-10-2016):
* Added a voting system, You can now rate a wallpaper with the 5 stars.
* Shows the number of votes in the about dialog.
* Upload wallpaper checks also for height upload minimum is 1920x1080 pixels.
* Goto the same map on your drive from where you uploaded your wallpaper.
* Added a donation button on the main program.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.3.2.0 (Released 01-11-2016):
* Added a new way to view the wallpapers, you can view thumbnails.
* changed again the menu bar a little bit.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.3.2.1 (Released 02-11-2016):
* Deleted a unnecessary button (Was forgot to remove it).
* Windows are resizable now.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.3.2.2 (Released 05-11-2016):
* Fixed message newer version online.
* Added 931 high quality wallpapers to new categories.
* Added categorie Army
* Added categorie Cartoons
* Added categorie Celebrities->Models
* Added categorie Celebrities->Movies
* Added categorie Celebrities->Music
* Added categorie Computer
* Added categorie Holidays-> New Year
* Added categorie Motors
* Added categorie Motors->Airplanes
* Added categorie Motors->Motorcycles
* Added categorie Motors->Trains
* Wallpaper names can now have bigger names

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.4.0.0 (Released 07-11-2016):
* Added a slideshow method to view the previews.
* Image will load with a fade-in effect.
* When select celeb dir in Auto Random Wallpaper program will choose in all subcategories.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.4.1.1 (Released 13-11-2016):
* Added a search function in the left upper corner.
* Added a search dialog to search for your wallpapers on the website.
* Checked and disabled menu items in the view menu.
* Added a contact form. In menu information -> contact.

My Wallpaper Gallery v3.4.1.2 (Released 19-11-2016):
* Added a new categorie Motors-> Cars-> Classic Cars
* Added 190 wallpapers in the new Classic Cars categorie.
* Added a menu item in information to report a bug.
* Added a menu item to open a settings dialog.
* You can set the view when you start the program in settings.
* You can set the interval time for the slide show in settings.
* Added menu icons in the menu above.

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